SNAP Special Needs Athletic Programs

Sussex Ave School

About The Program

SNAP ambassadors, a new program incorporated in elementary schools, will enhance the lives of students with developmental disabilities by providing them with opportunities for one-to-one friendships with their non-disabled peers. Taking a stand against the ignorance and isolation faced by children with special needs is the main inspiration behind this program. SNAPs interactive “kids helping kids” approach involves around a forty minute workshop with elementary-school students that allows them to experience firsthand the challenges faced by their classmates with special needs, including autism, dyslexia, and other physical disabilities. After completing these stations, the students have a full understanding of what it is to live with various disabilities. The SNAP Ambassador program was designed to reinforce what students learned during the training sessions. The children with a full understanding of compassion and empathy are the ones who clearly demonstrate a commitment to being a helpful, and friendly person not only to their peers, but also to children with special needs and other disabilities. This is a motivational program, which helps highlight students who go above and beyond in the classrooms and community. SNAP is looking for students, who really understand the message of being a good person with the ability to go outside of their comfort zone.

Students acknowledged for their efforts will be highlighted below. We look forward to continue working with our ambassadors, giving them the opportunity to help train and educate younger students and peers. The overall goal for the SNAP ambassador program is to reach a sustainable system where the older children (with the help of a supervisor) will be able to successfully teach their peers on special needs awareness and acceptance through SNAPs training module.


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