SNAP Special Needs Athletic Programs

SNAP in Tanzania


The Sibusiso Foundation is a center for improving the quality of life for mentally and physically challenged children and their families.

Mentally challenged and physically disabled children are taken in, along with at least one parent, and for three months, they learn how to overcome social stigmas, conquer physical limitations and make the most of their abilities.

Sibusiso provides much needed physical therapy, educational opportunities, family counseling, help in connecting families with social service organizations, and cultural awareness in a society where these children are often marginalized.

SNAP began working with these children in 2010. After running our sports clinics for five years in New Jersey, we understand that sports is the way to make everyone feel equal and give them the confidence they need everyday.

In 2010, SNAP traveled to Tanzania on the first ever mission trip, providing the children of Sibusisio with a donation and sports equipment. The children were especially enthusiastic about soccer, immediately breaking off in game after blowing up the newly donated soccer balls. Everyone is equal, and that was clearly articulated during that soccer match. Everyone was equal on the field, disregarding gender, race, and any disability.

Partnering with the Sibusiso Foundation was great and we look forward to working with them for years to come!


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